Online Tech HelpDesk

Online Tech Support for Personal Computers and Small Businesses.

Our HelpDesk provides support to you through remote access via your Internet connection. We do not come to your location but rather connect to your screen through the web. We can only connect to your screen when you provide the session ID to us. If you do not have an Internet connection, we will not be able to connect to you for a remote support session.

To access our HelpDesk:
1 – Click ContactUs to request a HelpDesk support session
2 – Confirm your scheduled appointment time with our tech via email
3 – Click PayNow and secure your session
4 – Click ConnectNow and start your session with our tech

All HelpDesk sessions are prepaid. Once you have received an email with your confirmed time and you have completed your payment, then we will connect with your machine via and help fix your tech issue. Note that we only accept PayPal for payments.

Thank you for your business., Technical Support for Small Business and Personal Computers.